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For Those Who Want To Make The Most Of Their Life

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Leadership Coaching

No matter what your role, whether you're an executive, a manager, a team lead, a parent, or a volunteer, if you work with others, you have an opportunity, no, a responsibility to be a leader. When you are a leader, you have a responsibility to the people you lead to be the best you can be at maximizing their potential and the potential of the organization (or family) you lead. Coaching can help shine a light on your blind spots, identify the voices filling your head with unhelpful stories that hold you back, and examine behaviors that may have once been useful, but are now keeping you from being who you want to be.

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Life Coaching

Life can be challenging and messy at times. I work with clients to help them find a little more order in their lives and to set and achieve meaningful goals. Using evidence based practices from positive psychology, I help clients make moves to increase their overall well-being and satisfaction with life.

Through use of assessment tools, you can witness changes in your overall life satisfaction as evidence that coaching is working for you. 

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Team Coaching

Teams are everywhere. In the workplace, at volunteer organizations, in churches, people come together to accomplish important goals. 

Based on research from Harvard Business School, I use the 6 Team Conditions framework to help teams increase their overall effectiveness as measured by their output, their satisfaction, and the ways they've learned to solve challenges.


"I gained a better insight into my thoughts and what was behind them. Basically, what was holding me back from moving forward on specific actions."

Alisha N./ Aerospace Industry

"The value in the time investment gave me a big time return by allowing me to focus on other things as my problem/decision was figured out."

Andrew S. / Financial Services Industry

"I enjoyed being able to discuss my career goals and development openly without judgement - This has helped me to have a clearer vision on my professional goals and how I can get there"

Naima G. /  Financial Services Industry



I believe that everyone, at their core, wants to grow and become more than they currently are. I also believe that everyone is capable of far more than they think they are. As a credential coach, my job is to partner with you to help you create a vision of where you want to go, create a map to get there, and be a traveling companion along the journey.

I bring to coaching over 20 years as a transformational leader in financial services firms, an MBA, Master's degrees in Computer Science and Managing Information Systems, as well as advanced training in Applied Positive Psychology, Purpose and Meaning coaching, and Team coaching.

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